Personal – Professional – Mindful

NEWERA CHARTER is a professional team of specialized charter crew of educated and experienced people. Our specialty is carefully selected vessels that enable not only a special and innovative stay at sea, but also exceptional sailing (ride/navigation) characteristics. Innovative vessel hulls are suitable for both dynamic and calm sailing. Our vision is a sailing (ride/navigation) experience that represents, so to speak, a new era in the nautical field.

We are a family business and we do it with a lot of passion for the sea, nautical and user experience. We prepare and perform our services with care; a mindful service with a personal tailor-made approach and conscious attitude towards the whole process. Our personal values are the values of our company. We build on the relationship. With content, reliability, continuous education and awareness of changes and innovations in various areas of the charter and nautical world. For more than a decade, we have been making sure that sailings are safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. We are in contact with users from the first to the last day of the voyage; comprehensive support in any situation where you need us. We also carefully present each vessel upon handover, and together with the users, we review the peculiarities, interesting features, and use. The integrity of each story means a lot to us, so the constructive reflections of our users still count; these enable improvements and development or formation of a customized charter. This is how we improve and serve users so that they have not only holidays on an innovative vessel, but also unforgettable, safe sea explorations and valuable experiences, memories.

Newera Charter vessels and the team are based in the Sukošan marina near Zadar, where the collection and delivery of vessels take place. At the same time, we also enable the transfer of vessels to the destination of the user’s choice, which allows for more freedom and holiday flexibility in terms of time and the actual course of nautical travel and research. Our specialty is that vessels are picked up on the same day in the morning and return on the same day in the afternoon; so there is no loss of an extra day in our rentals.

Navigation quality is important; sailing quality and performance are among the most important factors,
which affect the time spent on board. It is our honor and pleasure to work with only the best manufacturers who build vessels at the very top of the nautical industry. We continue to improve our charter fleet, and we also pay special attention to careful and regular servicing and maintenance of the vessels. At the same time, the vessels are very well and thoughtfully equipped with numerous additional equipment, which offers even greater safety, comfort and a pleasant stay and sailing. All the vessels are owned and the owners have equipped them to the best of their ability for quality use.

Sukošan near Zadar is becoming one of the most important and desirable nautical destinations in the Mediterranean; so to speak, a ‘window into the world’ of the most beautiful natural parks. From Kornati, Telaščica, Dugi otok to many other authentic island stories of the Adriatic Sea. With our larger vessels, virtually all corners of the beautiful Adriatic can be reached. To the north to the upper Adriatic or to the south to the lower Adriatic; Sukošan has a wonderful and unique, central position, from where it is really possible to experience the entire Adriatic archipelago.

“On the last day of creation,
God desired to crown his work
and thus created the
Kornati Islands out of
tears, stars and BREATH.

George Bernard Shaw, 1929

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